Affiliate Institutions

Affiliated  Institution

As a leading educational institution and more importantly a Science and Technology institution championing and spearheading the course of the Nation’s scientific and technological advancement, KNUST has numerous affiliated Institutions which also share in the belief that education holds the ultimate key to national development. These institutional affiliations serve mutually beneficial purposes. If you cannot beat us, join us. Let's work together.


Undergraduate Programmes on Affiliation

  1. Regent Uni. College
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • BSc Information Systems Sciences
  • BSc Computing With Education (Instructional Tech)
  • B Eng Telecommunication Eng
  • B Eng Instrumentation Eng
  • BSc. Computer Eng
  • BSc (Hons) Accounting & Information Systems
  • BSc (Hons) Banking & Finance
  • BSc (Hons) Economics With Computing,
  • BSc (Hons) Management With Computing
  1. All Nations University College
  • B.E. Computer Engineering
  • BSc (Hons) Computer Science
  • B.E. Electronic & Communications Eng
  • B.E. Biomedical Eng
  • BA Biblical Studies With Business Admin
  • Diploma in Biblical Studies
  • BBA
  • BSc Oil and Gas
  • Business Administration
  1. Spiritan University College
  • BA Philosophy & Social Sciences
  • BA Sociology
  1. Central University College
  • BSc Civil Eng.,
  • BSc Architecture
  • Bsc Physician Assistantship
  • BSc Pharmacy
  1. Garden City University College
  • BBA Accounting
  • BBA Marketing,
  • BBA Banking & Finance,
  • BBA Human Resource Management,
  • BBA Business Management,
  • BSc Finance & Entrepreneurship Development,
  • BSc Economics & Statistics,
  • BSc Accounting With Computing,
  • BSc Computer Science
  • Diploma Computer Science
  • BSc Nursing
  1. Ho Poly
  • B Tech Automobile Eng
  1. Ghana Telecom University College
  • Dip. Telecom. Eng.,
  • BSc Telecom. Eng.,
  • BSc Computer Eng.,
  • BSc Entrepreneurship,
  • BSc Accounting,
  • BSc Banking & Finance,
  • BSc Management & Marketing,
  • BSc Human Resource Dev’t.,
  • BSc Economics,
  • BSc Information Technology,
  • BSc Informatics,
  • BSc Mobile Internet Communication,
  • MSc Telecom. Eng.,
  • MSc Telecom Management ,
  • MSc Entrepreneurship & Technology 
  1. Data Link Institute
  • BSc Business Administration
  • BSc Computer Science and Information Systems
  1. KAAF University College
  • BSc Civil Eng.,
  • BSc Construction Technology,
  • BSc Geomatic Engineering,
  • BBA Banking & Finance,
  • BB Marketing,
  •  BBA Human Resource Management,
  •  BBA Accounting,
  •  BBA Insurance,
  • BBA Entrepreneurship
  1. St. Karol School of Nursing
  • BSc Nursing
  1. Christian Service Uni. College
  • BSc Nursing
  • BA Community Development
  1. University College of Mgt Studies
  • BSc Human Resource Management,
  • BSc Procurement & Supply Chain Management,
  • BSc Banking & Finance,
  • BSc Accounting,
  • BSc Marketing 
  1. Graduate School of Governance & Leadership
  • Post Grad. Dip. Business Admin.,
  • Post Grad. Dip. Political Leadership
  1. Institute of Local Gov’t Studies
  • MSc Local Economic Dev’t,
  • MSc Environmental Science, Policy and Management,
  • MSc Local Gov’t Financial Management,
  • MA Local Gov’t Admin. & Organisation
  1. MountCrest University College
  • BA Publishing Studies
  1. Christ Apostolic Uni. Coll
  • BSc Accounting  with Information Systems
  • BSc Communication Design
  • BSc Information Communication Technology
  1. Uni. Coll. of Agric & Env. Studies
  • BSc Environmental Science and Management
  • BSc Sustainable Agriculture
  • BSc Sustainable Forestry
  1. Accra Institute of Technology
  • BEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • BEng Civil Engineering
  • BEng Computer Engineering
  • BSc   Computer Science
  • BSc   Information Technology
  • BSc   Business Administration (Accounting and Finance)
  • BSc   Business Administration (Electronic Commerce)
  1. Technical University College (Tamale)
  • BSc   Human Settlement Planning
  1. Cape Coast Polytechnic
  • BTech Building Technology



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