Centre for Cultural and African Studies

Cecast 2The Centre for Cultural and African Studies (CeCASt) was established by Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in 1974 to; "Provide cultural education and training in African ways of life to complement any knowledge or skills available to students at the end of their studies, through the mediums of music, dance, drama, language and related arts and practices in traditional society." 

The centre derives its strengths from staff expertise; contributions in the performing arts; proposed extended programmes, and collaborations with other academic, cultural and social institutions. 

Currently the staffing position stands at:Four (4) full-time Research Fellows; Two (2) consultants, and One (1) Adjunct lecturer,Three (3) instructors made up of Senior Research Assistants, One (1) each for drumming, dancing and music, and Six (6) administrative staff. All the six (6) senior members are second-degree holders. Together with the Senior Research Assistants, each of the teaching staff is endowed with knowledge and expertise in their various cultural fields. 

The centre provides both theory and practical tuition in music, dance, drama, and African Art and Culture as elective courses for undergraduate students in both semesters. 

A Musical Instrument Technology Workshop (MITW) has been established to produce drums and other musical instruments.

The centre produces (on pilot basis), mini-atumpan speakers and xylophones on commercial basis. A Piano Computer Laboratory has been established for the teaching and learning of Keyboard Skills and Sound Engineering. 

Cecast 3Preparations are complete to undertake the following programmes: 

- Introduction of African Studies as pre-requisite for all undergraduates for the award of degrees. 
- Introduction of certificate and proficiency courses in theatre Arts and African Studies. 
- Establishment of Music Recording Studio and 
- Nwonkoro ensemble to operate on commercial basis as well. 

The centre has standing collaborations with the Manhyia Palace , the National Commission on Culture, Accra , the Centre for National Culture, Kumasi , and other cultural promotion institutions locally. 

There is also an annual cultural exchange programme with the University of Seattle, Washington, and Prime Resorts and Tourism Promotions, with the latter yet to take off. 

Courses Offered By The Centre 


MUS 151: Fundamentals of Music Theory 
MUS 153: Keyboard Skills 
MUS 155: Music Appreciation 
MUS 157: Collegium MUSicum 
MUS 159: Introduction To Sound Engineering 

PAA 151: Traditional African Dance and Dance Forms 
PAA 153: History of African Traditional Systems 
PAA 155: Ethics And Etiquette In Traditional African Culture 
PAA 157: Trad. Housing And Architectural Systems 
PAA 159: Introduction To Acting Techniques 
PAA 161 Introduction To Dance Techniques 
PAA 163 Introduction To Stagecraft 
PAA 165: Traditional Festivals In Ghana/Africa 


MUS 152 Music Theory 
MUS 154 Keyboard Skills II 
MUS 156 Aural Culture/ Sight Singing 
MUS 158 Applied Music 
MUS 162 Introduction To Music Technology 

PAA 152 Introduction To Drums 
PAA 154 Introduction To Ghanaian Dance 
PAA 156 Introduction To Theatre Arts. 
PAA 158 African Plays And Playwrights 
PAA 162 Performing Arts In Traditional Africa 
PAA 164 Symbolism In Africa 
PAA 166 Rites of Passage 
PAA 168 Introduction To Playwriting 

For further information contact: 

The Director 
Centre For Cultural & African Studies (CeCASt) 
College of Art and Social Sciences 
KNUST, Kumasi . Ashanti Region 

Tel: +233-208362656, +233 208362657 
Fax: +233-322060137

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