State of Accessibility for the Disabled in Selected Monumental Public Buildings in Accra, Ghana


in the 1992 Constitution on the rights of disabled persons, little has been done on the provision of access for people with disabilities in public buildings in Ghana. The aim of this exploratory research was to ascertain the extent to which selected (monumental) public buildings in the capital city of Accra are accessible to persons with disabilities (PWDs). The specific objective was to audit the buildings to see whether they conform to guidelines provided in international building instruments. A physical survey was conducted on the selected buildings using checklists abridged from the instruments. Findings from the research show that the Accra International Conference Centre (AICC) and the National Theatre (NT), which are relatively new buildings, are partly compliant with the guidelines in the international building instruments, but not totally disability- friendly. Secondly, parts of all the facilities, such as the car parks, main entrances, ramps, staircases and corridors, were not readily accessible to PWDs. Also, fittings, such as directional signs, underfoot warnings, Braille texts, seats for wheelchair users and accessible public telephones, were virtually absent in most of the buildings. Designers and the Accra Metropolitan Authority have legal responsibilities to enforce legal regulations in the provision of access for PWDs in Ghana, but from the above, much remains to be done. Urgent action must, therefore, be taken towards the establishment of a national building and planning legislation covering provision of access for PWDs in Ghana. It is expected that this study would contribute to the body of knowledge that would lead, in the long run, to the establishment of national building and planning legislation covering access for disabled people.



Danso, A.K(Department of Building Technology , Lecturer , , 0322060311)
Ayarkwa, J.( Department of Building Technology , Associate Professor , ,0322060311)
Dansoh, Ayirebi(Department of Building Technology , Senior Lecturer , , 0322060311)


Place of publication: 

Article published in The Ghana Surveyor, A Journal of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, 2011.

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