The factors affecting construction performance in Ghana: the perspective of small-scale building contractors


The literature identifies numerous potential factors that could be affecting construction performance in Ghana. Although this significant body of knowledge exists, extant review of the literature suggests that there is lack of rigorous theoretical and empirical examination to establish the underlying characteristics of the numerous factors identified, especially with regard to the performance of Small Scale-Building Contractors (SSBCs). Given the very strategic importance of small-scale firms in Ghana, especially in respect to their contribution to the development of local government areas of the economy, their evaluation of the knowledge of the underlying factors influencing performance in the industry could be useful in developing a framework towards effective performance management and improvement in the sector. Using postal questionnaire survey, data has been collected and analysed using factor analysis. Judging from the findings, it makes practical sense to conclude that the variables influencing performance of SSBCs could be linked to two main underlying issues, namely, 1) fiscal policies, and 2) managerial capacity. The issue of governmental fiscal policy is striking, given the long-held belief among some industry analysts that the Government of Ghana (GoG) is not doing enough to create the enabling fiscal environment for the activities of the SSBCs to strive. It is also interesting that SSBCs are admitting to their own managerial inadequacies as potential source of poor performance in the sector. Given the threat of global competition, it is vital that the GoG is pragmatic in creating robust policies that will help strengthen the financial and managerial capacity of SSBCs, towards stimulating accelerated development of the sector.



Amoah, Peter(Department of Building Technology , Lecturer, , 0322060311)
Ahadzie, Divine K(Research Institutes / Centre , Research Fellow, , , 0322060308)
Dansoh, Ayirebi(Department of Building Technology , Senior Lecturer , , 0322060311)


Place of publication: 

Article published in The Ghana Surveyor, 2011.

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