Potential for Utilisation of Borsassus aethiopum (Fan Palm) in Construction in Ghana


Borassus aethiopum is a non-timber tree which grows in the transitional and savanna zone of Ghana and the sub-region. Its superior strength properties and level of present utilization call for its promotion for several applications in construction. This paper discusses the tree and its distribution, its strength and woodworking characteristics as n•cll as the present areas of utili_ation and problems encountered in its use due to its extreme hardness. It also puts up a case far further research and promotion of the Borassus. aethiopum wood.



Ayarkwa, Joshua(Department of Building Technology , Associate Professor , jayarkwa.feds@knust.edu.gh ,0322060311)


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This is a published article of Joshua Ayarkwa, 2011.

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