Spirituality and the Changing Face of Evangelicalism in Ghana


Scripture Union Ghana, the Evangelical Christian Organization in Ghana which started as a schools and Bible study movement in the early 1950s has since the early 1970s, grown beyond the boundaries of traditional evangelicalism into a hybrid – an evangelico-charismatic movement – as a result of Spiritual gifts influence and emphasis on deliverance from the demonic. This phenomenon has manifested itself in the operations of the Scripture Union Prayer Warrior Ministry (SUPWM), which is effective in Ghana because it is fulfilling one of the aims of the SU namely, “working with the churches.” The Scripture Union National Prayer Warrior Ministry Committee sets the prayer warrior agenda at the beginning of the each year, and is carried out by committees through various programmes from the national, through the regional to the grassroot levels in Ghana. As a result of the SUPWM in Ghana, the Mainline Churches are relating Western theology to the African context. These churches which hitherto, opposed the existence of the “spiritual” as the cause of some challenges which confront church members, have now believed in the reality of spirits, and have recognised and embraced the healing and deliverance ministry, which is a means of evangelism, discipleship and church growth.



Kuwornu-Adjaottor, J.E.T(Department of Religious Studies , Lecturer , jkadjaottor@yahoo.com )


Place of publication: 

Article published in Ogbomosho Journal of Theology, Volume XVI, No. 1, 2011

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