Resistivity anomaly in potassium nitrite


The temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity of potassium nitrite has been investigated in the temperature range 293 to 413 K. An anomaly is observed in the resistivity-temperature curve at about 319 K. 'Ills temperature agrees well with the transition temperatures of 315 and 320 K reported by others. The activation energy of KNO2 changes from 0.16 eV below the transition temperature to 0.02 eV above the transition temperature. These values indicate that in the less disordered rhombohedral phase A the electrons are localised by the local electric field of the domains. Therefore, the electrons need more energy to overcome the local field and to take part in the conductivity. In the highly disordered cubic phase B, the local field drops off and less energy is required for the electrons to take part in the conductivity.



Nkum, R. K.


Place of publication: 

Nkum's published article, 2011.

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