Antiferromagnetic Transition in Thermally Evaporated Manganese-Vanadium Alloys


Antiferromagnetic transition in thermally evaporated Mn-V alloys has been studied using resistivitytemperature measurements from 300 to 1.4 K. Resistivity-temperature behaviour typical of bulk a-Mn rich specimen is obtained with 0.05 at % V in Mn. The Neel point is shifted to 86±1 K from the value of 90±1 K known for pure a-Mn. The Neel point is shifted further to lower values as the concentration of V in Mn increases. Below the temperature corresponding to the low temperature resistivity minimum, the resistivity obeys a T2 law, suggesting that vanadium impurities in the manganese film gives rise to a distortion of the magnetic moment of the manganese atoms and thus leading to spin fluctuation scattering on the conduction electrons.



Boakye, F.


Place of publication: 

F. Boakye's article, 2011.

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