Superconductivity in a Ge-doped Bi-Pb-Sr-Ca-Cu-O system


The effect of the substitution of Ge in the Bi16. Pbo.4Sr2Ca2Cu, _, Gex, Oy, system has been investigated by means of x-ray diffraction and electrical resistivity measurements. The volume fraction of the 2223 phase Is found to decrease with increasing Ge concentration. The lattice parameter c of the 2223 phase decreases slightly with increasing Ge concentration. The onset of the superconducting transition is about 110 K for all samples. The temperature of zero resistivity, however, is suppressed with Go substitution. The superconductivity of the 2212 phase is evident only for x = 0.5. There is evidence of weak links between the grains. The ratio of the extrapolated residual resistivity to the normal-state resistivity Increases with increasing Ge concentration Indicating that the disorder in the system increases with x.



Nkum, R. K.(  College of Science, Professor, Provost,, 0322060313) 
Datars, W. R.


Place of publication: 

This is Nkum's and Datar's article published, 2011.

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