Localization and Hopping Conduction in the Sn-doped (Bi, Pb)2Sr Ca2Cu20y System


The effect of Sn substitution for Cu on the. properties of the Bi1.7 Pbo.3Sr2Ca2- Cu3.6.s-xSnxOy system has been investigated. The concentration of free charge carri- ers decreases with Sn-doping which results in a suppression of the transition temper- ature. Disorder in the system increases with Sn concentration. Conduction merit- anism in the scmie. nducting samples of the systems governed by phonon-assisted veriable range hopping, the dimensionality of which changes from two to three as the normal-state resistivity increases away from the superconductor-insulator boundary. Heppitig-conduction in these materials indicates that the substitution of Sn results the localization of charge carriers in the system.



Nkum, Robert Kwame(College of Science, Professor, Provost, rknkum.cos@knust.edu.gh, 0322060313)


Place of publication: 

Nkum's article, 2011.

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