Dynamics and Control of Parasitic Diseases in Poultry: A Case Study of Ashanti Region in Ghana.


In small ruminants, the majority of diseases reported in Africa were parasitic infections with coccidiosis and helminthiasis being the most prevalent. This paper deals with these important diseases in the Ghanaian poultry industry. The objective is to find out whether rainfall and temperature have any effect on these diseases so that plans can be made to control them. The paper has identified the models of these important poultry diseases in Ashanti region. The results from this work show that the dependence of helmithiasis on both temperature and rainfall was not significant and rainfall may not have much influence on coccidiosis, if any. It also came out that in both diseases, if the infected birds are isolated and treated for at least one month, the other birds may not be infected. Keywords: Parasitic diseases, Time Series Analysis, Akaike Information Criteria.


Dontwi, I. K.
Oduro, F. T.(College of Science, Senior Lecturer, ftoduro@math-knust.edu.gh , 0322060307)
Amponsah, S. K.( College of Science, Senior Lecturer, samamponsah@yahoo.com, 0322060307)
Owusu-Ansah, E.( College of Science, Lecturer, sironassis@gmail.com, 0322060307)
Appiah, D.


Place of publication: 

I. K. Dontwi's.... [et.al] published article, 2011.

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