A Mathematical Model of Project Selection under Multi-Period Capital Rationing: Case Study of Municipal Assemblies Projects In Ghana


This paper is concerned with the use of mathematical models. specifically, linear programming (LP) and integer programming (IP) formulations, for the purpose of selecting potential projects and maximizing the returns from the hatch of projects of some Municipal Assemblies (MAs) in Ghana. In these models, we maximize the Net Present Value (NPV) and maintain the net discount cash inflow for each project in each period. Sensitivity analysis on the project parameters were also carried out to test the extent to which projec: selection is sensitive to the changes in the parameters of the models. These facts are expected to give the MA management some guidance in their considerations of the various alternatives with regard to the limited investment capital.



Amponsah, S. K.( College of Science, Senior Lecturer, samamponsah@yahoo.com, 0322060307)

Oduro, F. T.( College of Science, Senior Lecturer, ftoduro@math-knust.edu.gh , 0322060307)

Pepra, A. K.


Place of publication: 

S. K. Amponsah, F. T. Oduro and A. K. Peprah's published article, 2011.

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