Transformations in Sirigu Wall Painting and Fractal Art Simulations


The objectives were to find out the nature of Sirigu Bomborisi wall painting that reflects transformations and explore Bomborisi wall painting motifs through fractal art simulations.


The thesis project combined studio art based research with qualitative research.


Michael NyarkohThe literature review covered books such as Arts of Ghana by Ross and Cole and African Fractals: Modern Computing and Indigenous Designs by Eglash.


Field work sites covered Sirigu, Navrongo, Bolgatanga and Accra whiles the studio exploration and experimentation were done at the Kwame Nkrumah University Science Technology in Kumasi, Ghana.


Through the studio exploration and experimentation Bomborisi motifs were manually and digitally simulated resulting in 39 major Anyemiism fractal paintings with titles such as ‘Pisko Wangzasi’, ‘The Soul of Akanvole’, Hypercomplex Waafo’, ‘XBomborisi’ and ‘ Anyemi’.


In conclusion it was possible to manipulate Bomborisi motifs manually and digitally to effect new innovative fractal paintings that will preserve and project the Bomborisi tradition.


It is recommended that similar transformatory experimentation should be adapted in exploring other traditional geometric motifs found in Ghana.


By: Michael Nyarkoh (PhD Painting) Candidate

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