Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit

Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU)

Founded with support from the Canadian International Development Association in 1981, the concept of the Intermediate Technology Transfer Unit (ITTU) evolved in the early 1970s from the interaction of the TCC with artisans in Ghana's largest informal industrial area, Suame Magazine, located in Kumasi.

The ITTU consists of a group of basic engineering workshops located in the heart of Suame Magazine, which support the dissemination of technological innovation while providing practical training in metal machining, welding, blacksmithing as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metal casting.

In addition to the distribution of machine tools including capstan lathes, milling machines, centre lathes and gear hobbling machines in the 1980s and 1990s the ITTU has successfully transferred several technologies to private enterprises, including the use of iron melting furnaces (which allow artisans to recycle cast‐iron scraps), honey presses, small farm vehicles, cassava graters, motorized porter's wheels, soybean processors, etc.

The impact of these technology transfers is wide spread as the products are distributed nationally and internationally, the beneficiaries have improved on their productive capacities and capabilities, and the techniques have spread beyond those who initially worked with the ITTU.

Current Projects

  • Working with the TCC administration and IBIS-TEK to establish KNUST Technology Park
    Continuing to provide training services.
  • Establishing an ICT centre to train trainers.
  • Founding a design laboratory (D‐Lab) equipped with metrological equipment and diagnostic tools to provide engineering services to support teaching and hands‐on learning in West Africa.
  • Engaging in co‐development and rapid prototyping with institutions working on sustainable technology development and innovations.
  • Providing facilities for students to apply classroom learning in the workshop and also participate in industrial attachment.
  • Facilitating university‐industry relations.